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Bombers hope new jersey is a knockout

The men in Blue and Gold hope these jerseys pack a punch.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers unveiled their brand new jerseys this morning in a boxing ring at the Pan Am Boxing and Athletic Club in downtown Winnipeg.

The location of the reveal was an ode to the late great boxer Joe Louis, for whom the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were named by the late Winnipeg sports writer Vince Leah.

Gone is the lightning bolt that has been a part of the Bombers symbol since the 1990s.

The Bombers will wear a blue jersey at home with gold numbering and shoulders. The colour scheme is reversed for the road jerseys with a solid gold colour.

Gone are the white road jerseys and many involved with the Bombers are happy to see it go.

Bomber head coach Paul LaPolice says he is a fan of the new look especially the away jerseys.

“I really like the gold,” said LaPolice. “It’s great the league allowed us to go with gold as our away colour. They look really sharp. The players have never been fans of the whites. This will be a great look.”

Former Bomber great Chris Walby is also a fan of the jerseys.

“Any time you wear white you are wearing a sign of surrender,” said Walby. “You just don’t look tough. When the Bombers wore white pants it was a joke. It looks like we should be on dancing with the stars not playing football. This look is tougher.”

The jerseys are already on sale at The Bomber Store.

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