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Goldeyes hope to score homerun with Angry Fish beer

They say nothing goes better with baseball than a cold beer and now the Winnipeg Goldeyes have their very own lager, thanks to the Fort Garry Brewing Company.

Angry Fish Pilsner was created by the Goldeyes and FGBC and was introduced on the field at Shaw Park on Friday. The new beer will be available at vendors and liquor stores, as well as all games at Shaw Park.

The 473-ml cans will be sold individually, and Goldeyes general manager Andrew Collier hopes the product will be successful because of its taste but also because of the look of the can.

The can features the menacing looking Goldeye that has recently been adopted as the team’s secondary logo.

“Not only is the product inside the can fantastic, but as you can see, the can itself is a work of art,” said Collier.

Paul Edmonds, the long-time radio voice of the Goldeyes, thinks it was smart for the team to use the secondary logo for the beer.

“I think it’s fabulous, said Edmonds. “I really like the angry fish. It’s a secondary logo that is becoming a little more primary.”

“The new logo has allowed us to reach a demographic that might be a little bit younger. Of all the things we have done it has garnered the most positive and negative reaction so in all it got people talking.

“Now to put it on a beer will only further promote the baseball team.”

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