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Winnipeg’s own group of ghostbusters will check your haunted house

Things that go bump in the night are nothing the members of the Winnipeg Paranormal Group (WPG) can’t handle because they ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

But the group—who are now offering their free service in homes—shy away from the obvious comparisons with Hollywood’s Ghostbusters.

“We don’t have the laser backpacks and things like that,” laughed member Adam Dreger-Desjarlais. “I’m a paranormal investigator—Ghostbusters is a movie about people that go and catch ghosts, we investigate.”

Boasting a membership of 10 paranormal investigators, the team has been busy checking out reports of creepy activity at businesses and other commercial buildings in Manitoba and across North America since setting up shop in 2008.

This week WPG added a residential services arm to their group after receiving requests from homeowners looking for help too.

“The demand for residential investigations is huge,” said Dreger-Desjarlais.

When they’re called to a suspected haunted space, the members—who all work day jobs—will spend a night there with still cameras, video cameras, audio recorders and other special equipment and literally speak to anything otherworldly that may be living there.

“You ask questions, and ask for responses,” explained Dreger-Desjarlais, who admits the evenings can get a little hairy. “If you’re not scared, then why are you doing this?”

After collecting the data members spend a week or two going over what they’ve recorded looking for anything suspicious.

Sometimes the results confirm paranormal activity, and other times they debunk a suspected haunting.

When paranormal activity is detected, members of WPG do not try to get rid of ghosts, but will connect clients with people who specialize in the afterlife and spiritual cleansing.

“As far as our services go, we’re there to investigate,” explained Dreger-Desjarlais. “We try to stick to a more scientific approach.”

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Notes: Meet members of the Winnipeg Paranormal Group at the 2012 Central Canada Comic Con at the Winnipeg Convention Centre Nov. 2-4.

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