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Winnipeg chosen as head office for Israeli-based technology company

An Israeli-based mobile asset management technology company has chosen Winnipeg for the head office of its North America division.

Traffilog, which allows transportation fleet operators to find ways to be more efficient through technology called telematics, currently boasts over 100,000 installations throughout 27 countries.

“We’re full of enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the Manitoba corporate community by creating employment and through our commitment to sound and successful business practices,” said Traffilog’s Michel Aziza in a press release.

“Not only is Manitoba a hub for the transportation industry, but we are already finding the environment to be very welcoming and supportive of new ventures.”

Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce President Dave Angus said while he can’t say a trip to Israel last year by the Chamber prompted the company to expand here, he’s hopeful more businesses will follow.

“We know they always fall in love with Winnipeg,” said Angus. “This sort of thing is exactly what we need to get Manitoba on the map.”

Angus said having Traffilog in Winnipeg means a connection back to Israel, which has an emerging economy with many businesses looking to expand.

Traffilog’s equipment can be mounted on vehicles and is cellular-based.

The data can be analysed on-board as well as used for real-time monitoring of driver safety and driving style, or for fuel consumption, overall vehicle performance and vehicle health.

Traffilog said it has a number of pilot projects on the go with transportation companies across Canada. More information is available at

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