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Dangerous deep freeze takes hold in Winnipeg

Extreme and dangerous wind chills are expected in Winnipeg this week, and as temperatures fall, Siloam Mission says they desperately need warm donations.

Environment Canada meteorologist Dave Carlsen said wind chills early Sunday morning reached well into the -40 C range and are expected to remain in the -40 C range throughout Monday.

“At these temperatures exposed skin is at a risk for frostbite in approximately 10 minutes, and people should dress very warm and cover as much skin as possible,” said Carlsen.

Siloam Mission spokesperson Mike Duerksen said their drop-in centre has been “packed” lately, but also said what Siloam needs more desperately than anything is winter clothing donations.

“We rely solely on donations for winter clothes and really need long underwear, men's boots, winter coats, mitts and toques,” said Duerksen. “If anyone sees old winter clothes lying around they don't use anymore, we will gladly take them off your hands.”

Duerksen said if they do not get more winter clothing donations this week, they wont’ be able to continue handing them out, adding they “may have to put a call out.”

Environment Canada said the deep freeze will continue all week with temperatures to stay in the mid -20C range until Saturday, which is expected to reach -17 C, still four degrees colder than the normal high.

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