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What's Good: Don't miss your last chance to see Heartland at IMAX

So much good this week, so let's hit it:

When it was recently announced that IMAX would be shutting its doors, I had a discussion online about the all-time greatest IMAX film. Heartland came up countless times.

Released in 1987, Heartland captured the spirit of Manitoba, from a raging whitewater kayak ride and a thundering chuck wagon race, to swooping over a field of sunflowers, a solar eclipse, the exquisite grace of Evelyn Hart and apparently a stunning storm sequence on Lake Winnipeg.

I've never seen Heartland, which is a major fail, so I called and asked if it could be screened one last time. Done. Imax Portage Place presents Heartland, this Sunday at 7 p.m. $10. Proceeds will support the Smaczylo family who experienced a house fire in Point Douglas on Jan. 3 and were left with nothing.

Near or at the top of many a bucket list is to travel the world. Winnipeggers Raina and Will Turk did just that, and we can watch it. Their honeymoon took them around the world. Oh, and they danced. Inspired by Dancing Matt, and perhaps subconsciously by Uncle Traveling Matt from Fraggle Rock, you can live vicariously through the couple on their YouTube channel.

The other day I skated the entire River Trail in -25 C weather and thought I was hardcore. Turns out I'm soft compared to Joel, who I ran into on the trail that day. Joel never misses a day on the River Trail. Never, ever. From opening day until it closes, - 37 C with the wind, blowing snow, whatever, he's there. Joel wins winter. He's 67.

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