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Video: 'Winnipeg's worst hockey dad' apologizes for swearing at game

A man who has been dubbed "Winnipeg's Worst Hockey Dad" by many on social media has apologized for an outburst caught on tape.

Selkirk resident Jason Boyd apologized to Global Winnipeg after they contacted him about his boorish behaviour at a recent kids hockey game at Southdale Arena.

Boyd had threatened violence after parents asked him to stop calling an opposing team member a "midget."

"Don't touch me, or I'm gonna cave your f--king glasses in," he spat angrily to the parent of the kid he was calling names.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Wednesday, had about 6,000 views by the following day.

A spokesperson for Hockey Winnipeg says they are looking into the incident, and may have all hockey parents take a mandatory online course for appropriate arena behaviour.

And, may we humbly suggest to Hockey Winnipeg that they post the following sign in every arena (like they do in a town in Illinois):

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