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'Old' Winnipeg radio station granted new power

CJNU Nostalgia Radio has been granted a full time broadcasting license from the CRTC and will move to 93.7 on the FM dial.

CJNU previously broadcasted at 107.9 FM and will make the move down the FM dial after plans are finalized for the launch of the station. The station will also broadcast at about 500 watts, instead of the current 50.

Ross Thompson, who chairs the board of Nostalgia Radio, said the launch is expected to happen by early September.

“Our approach to programming will not change, and we will continue to support local non-profit organizations by broadcasting live from different locations such as the Variety Club of Manitoba who are the CJNU host sponsor for the month of February,” said Thompson in a press release.

With the license from the CRTC, the station will no longer have to go off the air at least one day a month, which currently happens because it’s required under terms of the Industry Canada permits the station receives.

CJNU has operated in its present mode for more than five years and said an informal survey suggests that approximately 20,000 Winnipeggers listen to the station at least once a week or more.

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