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Winnipeg chocolate shop to get swarmed in province’s first Carrotmob

Helping Fair Trade Manitoba (FTM) bring awareness to the importance of buying fair trade products couldn’t be more delicious than taking part in the province’s first Carrotmob this weekend.

On Saturday Chocolatier Constance Popp on Portage Avenue will be flooded with customers taking part in a Carrotmob—an idea that sees businesses mobbed with paying customers in an effort to influence the owner to make positive changes.

“Basically it’s like a ‘buy’cott instead of a boycott,” explained Janice Hamilton, executive director of Manitoba Council for International Cooperation, who help run FTM. “We’re trying to drive business to businesses that are socially responsible and ethical, and, in exchange the business will do something to make themselves even more sustainable.”

In the case of Chocolatier Constance Popp, who already use Manitoba produced ingredients, compostable packaging and around 40 per cent fair trade chocolate in their premium artisan chocolates, owner Constance Menzies has agreed to increase the visibility of fair trade products in her store and switch her in-store hot chocolate drink to 100 per cent fair trade certified to take part in the event.

“Even with as much as we’re doing now, we could always do more,” said Menzies. “They want to celebrate what we’ve done and they want to be able to help us, because they know these things cost money.”

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