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Computer virus scam hits Winnipeg

Police are warning Winnipeggers to be wary of anyone calling to tell you a virus has infected your computer.

Although the callers claim to be from Microsoft or another legitimate company, police say they are scammers calling to get credit card information and gain access to your computer and the personal information stored in it.

Police said Tuesday they’ve received numerous calls about the scam, which sees the caller ask to gain remote access to the computer to run a scan, before attempting to convince potential victims for credit card information to pay for anti-virus software.

To avoid falling victim police say to hang-up up on the unsolicited caller immediately and to never give a stranger remote access to your computer or give out your credit card or online account information over the phone unless you’ve called a trusted source.

Anyone who receives a call should notify the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

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