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Community paramedics to take pressure off Winnipeg emergency rooms

A new program announced Tuesday will see community paramedics treat patients who don't need to go to the hospital.

Announced by the City and the WRHA, the Community Paramedic Program will relieve some of the pressure on the city's ambulances and Emergency Departments at local hospitals.

“Over half of all Emergency Department visits are for non-urgent issues and could be better dealt with in a primary care setting,” said Scott Fielding, Chair of the Standing Policy Committee on Protection and Community Services in a press release.

“Community paramedicine is an innovative approach that will meet the needs of individuals seeking health care, while leaving emergency ambulances available to respond to critically ill patients in the community.”

Patients who don't need hospital care will be given a complete medical assessment by the community paramedic in the field, states the release.

Watch Metro Winnipeg for more details.

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