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Winnipeg car wash employee discovers bear in Dumpster

A car wash employee got a hairy surprise on Sunday when he discovered a bear in his business's Dumpster.

True Blue Car Wash manager Najem Al Mehrib said he was taking out the trash Sunday morning around 10 a.m.  The first thing he noticed was the Dumpster had been closed.

"Usually, we leave it open," he said. Opening up the bin, he spotted hair between several of the bags.

Worried he may have found human remains, he put on a pair of gloves and inspected a little more closely. Instead of a person, he said, he found the remains of what appeared to be a large black bear.

"They had covered it up with garbage bags, they didn't want anyone to see."

Al Mehrib said he suspects three men driving a white truck who were in the parking lot when he arrived for work earlier that day. Al Mehrib said he didn't think anything of the men being in the parking lot, assuming they were there to wait for the car wash to open.

Al Mehrib said he and the owner got in touch with Manitoba Conservation, who removed the bear Monday evening. Al Mehrib said he was told by the conservation officer that the bear appeared to be young, shot during the spring hunting season and the pelt, head and feet were intact, leading to speculation the bear may have been hunted for its gall bladder.

A call to Manitoba Conservation was not immediately returned.  According to the Manitoba Conservation website, processing bear gall bladders is illegal in Manitoba.

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