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Some of the world’s best electronic music DJs invade Winnipeg for MEME

Pump up the volume.

Downtown Winnipeg will be booming this weekend as some of the world’s best DJs invade the Exchange District for the fourth annual Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME).

“The set up at The Cube will really be something else this year,” says Nathan Zahn, electronic music DJ/promoter and director of MEME.

“There’s a Calgary-based company called PK Sound who’s done Burning Man, Shambhala and the Skrillex show at the ballpark last year. They’re bringing a really impressive sound system to The Cube. We’re also bringing in a big light show from a local company. It will be the most impressive light show and sound at The Cube ever.”

The party at Old Market Square is free all weekend, with Deepchild — a Berlin-based Australian DJ — headlining on Friday and Funk d’Void — a veteran of the mid-’90s Glasgow techno scene — capping off Saturday.

On Sunday at The Cube, MEME will do something a little different; something Zahn says is perfect for the electronica uninitiated.

“It will be more crossover acts and have kind of a Folk Festival vibe, with a lot of world beat, Middle Eastern, Turkish-influenced sort of electronica,” Zahn says. “A lot of people that like the world music at Folk Fest will like it. It’s total hippie crossover music.”

In addition to the free programming at Old Market Square, there are paid parties at The Cheer and Republic Nightclub tonight, as well music and digital art parties at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Pantages Playhouse Theatre, until 4 a.m. Friday and Saturday respectively.

German producer Daniel Steinberg headlines the main room at the WAG. As far as the Pantages show, Zahn says Vancouver one-man band Longwalkshortdock is a must-see.

“He sings, plays electric percussion and synthesizer and has long hair. He has a heavy metal attitude over a really cool funky techno thing,” Zahn says.

In addition to over 70 music acts and video artists, MEME features an electronic music workshop on Saturday.

Zahn says the MEME crew is already planning its fifth year and is happy with how the festival is growing.

“We have a lot of people who ask to play here now,” Zahn says. “I think we’ve raised a few eyebrows around North America and a few international cities. We’ve become a tour stop in the electronic scene.

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