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North Winnipeg neighbourhoods scheduled to be first for Canada Post mailbox switch

Canada Post announced early Thursday the first 11 neighbourhoods that will see their mail delivery service switched to community mailboxes, including two in Winnipeg.

North Winnipeggers whose postal codes start with R2P and R2V will see their home delivery transitioned to community mailboxes (CMB) by fall of 2014. The change will affect 12,400 homes and 70 businesses.

“Several neighbourhoods in this area already have mail delivered to community mailboxes,” reads a press release from Canada Post. “This makes this neighbourhood one of the most suitable for efficient early conversion.”

Winnipeg’s Canada Post General Manager, Bill Davison, said he understands some people are apprehensive about the switch.

We’re not out there to put CMB’s on people’s lawns,” said Davison. “We’re on the lookout for ends of blocks, side streets, those kinds of things.”

Residents affected by the change will receive a package in the mail detailing the changes, and it will also include a survey to give residents the chance to weigh in on box street placement and how many mailboxes will be in one CMB, he added.

He also said safety and snow clearing are of utmost importance.

Those who are unable to get to a mailbox due to a disability will have other options, although what exactly those will entail have not been finalized.

Canada Post announced late last year they would be switching to CMBs rather than door-to-door delivery in an effort to save more than $900 million. The Crown Corporation says they have posted “significant” losses over the past several years.

This first phase of switchover will affect about 100,000 households. There are still five million households left. The switchover will start in suburban areas and move inward toward downtown and core areas, said Davison.

People living in seniors’ homes or apartment buildings will not see any changes.

All community mail boxes come with mail slots for letters to be mailed out.

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