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Winnipeg Cat lives last of nine lives

Winnipeg can no longer haz local, satirical cheezeburger.

Winnipeg Cat, the brain-kitten of local blogger James Hope Howard, has lived the last of its nine lives and is hanging up its (sometimes absurd) observations about Winnipeg.

Hope Howard said two life events prompted the sudden closure of Winnipeg Cat, including the death of the kitty who inspired it.

“Yesterday afternoon, Maya - my favourite little kitty in the whole entire world, and the original Winnipeg Cat model - passed away at the age of ten, following an extended period of severe acute feline pancreatitis,” he wrote underneath the final Winnipeg Cat meme, which said “This concludes Winnipeg Cat. Thank you for reading.”

While he was waiting for word from his vet about Maya's condition, he got a phone call from Saskatchewan offering him a job, which he took.

“I figured, if I’m not in Winnipeg anymore and I no longer have a cat…” he might as well say goodbye, said Hope Howard in an interview with  Metro Winnipeg.

The site grew in popularity over its four-year run, generating user submissions and was modeled after some of the internet’s original animal memes, like Advice Dog, said Hope Howard.

Only a few hours after saying goodbye, another Winnipeg Cat site popped up at Hope Howard said he hadn’t intended for someone to take over his idea, but wasn’t surprised.

“That’s the internet for you.”

Winnipeg Cat’s archives can still be found at

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