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City releases list of gopher control locations in Winnipeg parks

The City of Winnipeg has released a list of gopher control locations in local parks after a dog got sick eating poisoned pellets.

Here's the complete list:

Stanley Knowles Park

Wellington Park

Optimist Park

2080 Ness (athletic fields across from the former Silver Heights Community Club)

Vince Leah Community Club

Little Mountain Park

Westview Park

Two other parks, John Blumberg Park and Woodsworth Park were supposed to see poison control for gophers but operations were suspended before the poison was applied, according to the City of Winnipeg.

"The City has a contract with a professional pest control company to treat parks in certain areas where gopher/Richardson ground squirrel infestations are reported by staff or the public," reads a statement from the city. "In most cases it is the public that call us to report this issue as a safety concern. Gopher treatment in various parks has been going on for decades. Gopher control products have also been applied in Brookside Cemetery but not on City golf courses.

"Gophers burrow potentially dangerous holes in turf areas that can become difficult to notice while the public are walking, playing or running in the park, potentially leading to injuries. Dogs can sustain leg injuries as well."

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