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Video: Numbers from study on drivers not stopping for school buses ‘astounding’

The Winnipeg man behind a camera used to nab drivers who don’t stop at school buses when they have their stop signs activated says he was shocked by final results of a pilot project for the unique product.

From Sept. 1 to Jan. 30 Teknisult, the Winnipeg company behind the camera, has had cameras tacked onto the side of 10 buses in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and after tallying the data company president Maurice Gregoire said of the 3,704 times vehicles were present in the videos, 423 of those drivers disobeyed the law to stop.

“It was easily triple what I’d anticipated,” he said. “We had run a proof of concept pilot on the technology back in 2010… it’s gotten considerably worse in the last five years.”

The company worked with school divisions in both urban and rural environments, and more than half of the infractions—226— happened within city limits.

Gregoire said the pilot showed the best way to curb the behavior is to combine camera use with a campaign warning drivers they could be caught on video.

“We want to create a program where drivers start to respect the stop sign and not make it about tickets,” he said, noting the program is being implemented in Ontario, Alberta, and three provinces on the East Coast. “It’s not about tickets, it’s about student safety.”

Here's a couple close calls caught on video over the study:

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