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Lindsey White releases Renegade, seven years in the making

Like her father, Lindsey White is a fighter.

The Winnipeg musician is set to release Renegade, her first album since 2007’s This is Now. White says the new record is the product of a transitional period in her life, part of which was losing her dad.

In 2009, James White died at age 57 after a long battle with cancer.

Renegade’s title track originally appeared on White’s 2005 EP What’s New. White dedicated the song to her dad during her performance at the 2009 Jazz Winnipeg Festival, a week before he died.

“I just thought Renegade really symbolized what this whole project is about. It’s about resilience and coming through something like this and finding out what you’re made of on the other side,” White said.

Renegade, which White describes as “groovy folk rock,” is accompanied by a book of poetry, prose and other writings. Joining White on the album are bassist Alasdair Dunlop, guitarist Joe Curtis and drummer Mitch Dorge, the latter of Crash Test Dummies fame.

White said her band was supportive and patient throughout the Renegade writing and recording process.

“I’m fortunate that I had all three of these fabulous musicians who are more interested in what serves the song best than in showcasing an individual instrument or idea,” White says. “They were collectively committed not only to the growth and development of the art itself but also of me as an artist. They gave me the time, the space and the energy to keep this project going.”

Like her band, White helps others find their inspiration, coordinating and facilitating music programs for youth, including inner-city and newcomer students. In March, White was named one of CBC Manitoba’s Future 40 finalists for her commitment to youth and music.

“I feel like I have an ability to connect with young people in a way that’s very similar to what my band has been doing for me, which is hold space for their creativity, encourage them to find their voice and help them express themselves."

Where to find her

White releases Renegade Thursday at the West End Cultural Centre. Opening the show are Cat Jahnke and Michaela Loewan. Tickets are $15 at the WECC, Music Trader, McNally Robinson Booksellers, Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store and Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts or $20 at the door. Showtime is 8 p.m.

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