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Touring Upper Fort Garry? There’s an app for that

Some modern technology will help visitors experience Upper Fort Garry as it is today and how it was in the 1800s when it was an active trading post.

The Friends of Upper Fort Garry held a ribbon cutting and unveiled a mobile app at the provincial park today.

“Today we are celebrating as we officially open the park and unveil the exciting new technology that makes it so unique,” said Jimm Simon, executive director, FUFG.

Members of FUFG have been working since 2006 to revitalize the park and create a distinctive space for visitors to interact with history. The mobile app allows visitors to experience the park with photos and facts from when the Fort was active.

“Using the app visitors can see what the Fort previously looked like, while walking around the current-day interpretation,” Simon said.

“The app gives us a virtual glimpse into history.”

More interactive features will be added to the app in the future.

The app is free and available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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