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Turning heads: Winnipeggers' new weed grinder catches Prince of Pot's eye

The innovative blade design has won fans like Marc Emery.

The group says their new design prevents resin buildup.


The group says their new design prevents resin buildup.

A group of Winnipeg entrepreneurs are busting their way into the marijuana scene by re-inventing a 110-year-old design called The Clipper.

Matt Olsen said he, Greg Moneta and Jesse Marr came up with the idea to create a brand new and innovative “herb” grinder.

The idea has taken off — even garnering attention from Marc Emery, the Prince of Pot.

“Marc has endorsed it, and he has one. He’s tweeted about it a few times, and we’ve had conversations about it,” said Olsen.

“He loves it, and he wants to carry it in his retail store in Vancouver. So far he’s been really helpful, and a big advocate of the design.”

Olsen said the idea stems from the input of regular grinder users, and what their complaints were when dealing with traditional grinders.

In addition, Olsen said his small group identified 30 brands — many of which were manufacturing their own grinders — but were all producing the same thing with subtle variations.

“We threw out that entire design,” said Olsen. “We decided to go with an entirely different method we felt solved a lot of problems associated with the old version.”

The biggest difference is a rotating stainless steel blade and a patented wedge design that the group says cuts herbs rather than mulching it, and drastically reduces user effort.

The product's users, like Keely Middleton, say they are noticing a difference.

“The biggest difference between the clipper and a standard grinder is the cutting blades versus the regular teeth,” said Middleton.

“The blade is a game changer because it doesn't build up resin in the teeth and hinder the ability to turn and grind.”

Olsen and Marr said they’re in the midst of a crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo.

They’re currently experiencing the last two-week push to reach $25,000, and so far they’ve raised $16,000.

“We’re looking for people who are interested in being the first adopter,” said Olsen. “It’s significantly discounted from what it will retail at… This gives people an opportunity… to be the first ones to receive it.”

The group said they are in partnership with Lift Innovations, and have already been approached by distributors who want to carry the product.

Olsen and Marr said they are looking to establish The Clipper an e-commerce store, and are currently building a worldwide distribution plan.

“My favourite part just has to be the overall look of it,” said Middleton.

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