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Manitoba marriage licenses get transgender friendly update

The province will allow gender identity changes to be made to marriage registrations starting March 1.


Transgender Manitobans wanting to change their gender identity on marriage registrations have been unable to do so, until now.

The Manitoba government announced Monday eligible applicants will be able to change sex designations on official marriage documents starting March 1, 2016.

Mike Tuthill, executive director of the Rainbow Resource Centre, called the rule change a “significant step, adding it’s, “good to know that the official steps or paperwork continue to be streamlined.

“We are pleased to see the province continue to move forward with changes the transgender community has been asking for," he added.

The province will also issue a “change of sex designation certificate” to eligible residents born outside of Manitoba, if the individual is a Canadian citizen.

Minister Ron Lemieux said the new approach respects Manitoba’s Human Rights Code and reflect consultations with stakeholders and health-care professionals.

Lemiuex said allowing changes on marriage registration is further implementing “changes identified by the transgender community.”

Last year, the province eliminated the need for proof of surgery for transgender individuals to change birth documents.

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