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Manitoba’s first fat bike race heading to Fort Whyte Alive this weekend

Fat bikes have a tire that is at least 3”, allowing them to more easily ride over snow.

Jon Carson shows off Woodcock’s fat bikes.

Meg Crane/For Metro

Jon Carson shows off Woodcock’s fat bikes.

You might have seen them on city streets, but fat bikes will be taking over FortWhyte Alive Sunday for Winnipeg Whyteout.

“There hasn’t been a fat bike-specific race here in Manitoba before,” said Jon Carson, sales manager of Woodcock, who was involved in planning the race.

Previous bike races have only had portions of the race dedicated to fat bikes, which are gaining popularity in Manitoba.

Fat bikes have a tire that is at least 3”, allowing them to ride over snow, rather than sinking like what happens with narrower tires.

“It basically makes a lot of trails accessible that wouldn’t be otherwise,” said Carson.

Carson said that, for this reason, racers and casual bikers of all abilities have been making use of fat bikes.

He’s sold them to everyone from teenagers entering races to a 70-year-old man who has been riding his all winter. And Carson said he expects registrants at the race to be as diverse.

It’s the range of abilities that makes this race great for people who are pedaling to the finish line for their first time.

“You always think there’s going to be these really hardcore people racing and you’re going to feel like a fool. But you really don’t. You just come out and it’s like, no matter what, you’re going to have fun,” said Carson.

Registration for the race is closed, but people can watch from the sidelines and learn more about fat bikes from racers.

Spectators will also be able to ice skate, toboggan and take part in a lunch buffet with apple cider.

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