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Winnipeg School Division extends langauge program registration

Establishing new language programs in September is dependent on 20 in-division registrants for each of the three proposed programs.


Rumours of the Winnipeg School Division’s new language programs being at capacity are exaggerated, according to WSD spokesperson Radean Carter.

“Somehow one of our local media reported the Cree and Ojibwa bilingual programs were fully booked and that was incorrect,” she said.

WSD is hoping to be the first division in Winnipeg to establish two new indigenous language programs in Cree and Ojibwa, as well as a Spanish program and new French bilingual school next fall.

Both indigenous language programs had about 15 registrants as of the deadline, but require 20 students from the division to be registered in order for them to be established, so the deadine has been extended to February 16.

“We are short just a few and hope the extra couple of weeks gives students the chance to register because we know interest is there,” Carter said.

The Spanish bilingual program that a large group had called for had only 10 kids signed up before the deadline was extended, and again needs 20 in order to be established.

“We know there were a lot of presentations from the group that wanted Spanish… indicating there was a lot of interest, so they actually have to register in order for us to run the program,” Carter said. “We extended the deadline so that anybody who for whatever reason was interested and wasn’t able to get registered can get the chance.”

-With files from Evan Matthews

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