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Manitoba government wants feedback on pesticide law

How do you like the rules that made Killex and Roundup prescribed chemicals and took them off of store shelves? Now's your chance to let the government know.

Was your weed control made more difficult by the pesticide laws?

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Was your weed control made more difficult by the pesticide laws?

The Government is looking for feedback on legislation that controls the use of non-essential pesticides, now in force for its second year.

Minister Cathy Cox, who is responsible for sustainable development, said “the purpose of the legislation is to reduce the exposure of people and pets to herbicides used in lawn care for non-essential or cosmetic purposes.”

The crux of the law is “retail management,” and control over which chemicals are and are not openly available.

Basically, any chemicals that are not on the “regulated allowable list” can’t be displayed or stored on open shelves—like how headache and cold pills are free to grab from Pharmacy shelves.

All other herbicides are still available, but stores have to prevent direct access to what the government defines as “prescribed pesticides,” which includes products like Killex or Roundup designed to kill weeds.

The legislation is supposed to encourage other less harmful means of controlling weeds and yard care like the allowable list products, manual weeding, aeration, topdressing, or fertilizing.

“We are committed to finding the right balance between protecting the environment, minimizing the impact, and providing usable, aesthetic green spaces in our communities,” Cox said.

Comments and criticism can be submitted to or through an online survey at until Sept. 12.  

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