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Say cheeeeeeeese: pop-up mac 'n' hack coming to Winnipeg

Bothwell Cheese started as a co-operative in Manitoba in 1936, and to thank people for years of support will serve up some cheese on cheese on cheese.


Big companies often mark decade milestones in grandiose ways, but one Manitoba company’s way of celebrating its 80th birthday is cheesier than most.

Bothwell Cheese will be dolling out free mac ‘n’ cheese lunches at pop-up events on Oct. 19 and Oct. 21 to the first 100 lucky Winnipeggers to find their secret locations, which will be announced on social media.

The company’s campaign promoting the event says “unlike unicorns, free lunches do exist.”

Spokesperson Megan Deaust said it was a way to thank Manitobans for “being so loyal.”

“We batted around a few ideas and it always came back to the fact that people want to eat our cheese,” she said.

To help with the celebrations, Bothwell has invited local chef Ben Kramer to curate a selection of additional toppings so Winnipeggers can hack their mac.

“What he is going to do is actually making a mac ‘n’ cheese bar, you can kind of customize it with some toppings he’s going to have there,” Deaust said.

Once each lucky patron has their bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese complete with their favourite fixings, a slice of Bothwell cheese will be added and “torched” or melted to top it all off like a gooey cheese blanket. 

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