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Speeding in reduced school zones up: Winnipeg police

Police say enforcement was the same as last year, and don't know why there was an increase in speeding.

It seems Winnipeg drivers didn't get the message about slowing down in school zones when classes started last month.

According to statistics provided by Winnipeg police, there were 11,833 speeding tickets in reduced and regular school zones last month, compared to 9,555 in September 2015. 

That's an increase of 2,278 speeding tickets. 

"It hard to say why there was an increase, we dedicated roughly the same enforcement time to school zones as we did last year," a police spokesperson wrote in an email to Metro on Tuesday.

"It could just be an anomaly or simply better driving conditions this year (less rain etc.)"

Police said tickets were handed out through the mobile enforcement unit, which consists of a number of police vehicles stationed in designated areas to catch speeders. 

Last month, police handed out 8,704 tickets in reduced school zones and 3,129 in regular school zones from Sept.1-30. 

In September 2015, 6,838 tickets were issued in reduced school zones and 2,717 in regular school zones.

School zone speed limits were introduced to the city in 2014. 

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