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Lukes decries $900K cuts to Winnipeg road safety

The St. Norbert councillor argues road safety needs to be at the top of the city’s priority list.

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A Winnipeg councillor is sounding the alarm over a proposed $900,000 cut to the city's road safety budget.

Coun. Janice Lukes appeared before Tuesday’s meeting of the infrastructure renewal and public works committee to voice concerns about the planned reduction to the budget for traffic engineering improvements in the city’s 2017 spending plan.

She explained this annual program funds traffic improvements to existing roads that are not repaired under the city’s local and regional roads renewal program.

In 2016, the department had a $1.9-million budget for these improvements. 

Lukes said those funds went towards the installation of 18 left turn green arrow lights, multiple pedestrian corridors and operational reviews of railway crossings.

“We need to ensure road safety is top of the list and we’re cutting this budget by $900,000,” Lukes told Tuesday’s committee.

She cited a 2015 Manitoba Public Insurance report that stated there were 16,630 collisions in the city, emphasizing the need to focus on road safety.

Lukes urged Tuesday’s committee to restore the program’s budget by $900,000.

She added that while still a member of Mayor Brian Bowman’s executive policy committee, she and others voiced concerns about this budget cut.  

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