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Winnipeg cancer survivor prepares for wedding after year of surgery, chemo

WINNIPEG — After a tough year of surgery and chemotherapy for cancer, a Winnipeg woman is preparing for her wedding day.

Lisa Carson-Walton is to walk down the aisle Friday with her fiancé Chris Herie after being engaged for seven years.

The couple won a contest to have the first civil marriage held at city hall.

The prize includes having the city pay for the entire cost of the nuptials.

Carson-Walton says she wondered if the wedding would ever happen after she discovered a lump on her breast in January.

Now as she recovers — recent tests show there is no sign of cancer – she has more pleasant things to think about.

"I’m excited, I’m nervous," she said Thursday. "It’s nice to have something at the end that's like, 'look, it's not all bad.'"

Her betrothed is also looking forward to the ceremony after the whirlwind they went through over the past year.

"It's something else, it's focus elsewhere, and it's a nice turn to how 2016 went," he said.

The couple plan to celebrate the special day with their two children and around 20 guests.

(CTV Winnipeg) 

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