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St. Boniface Coun. Matt Allard shoots back at ‘get out of the country’ truck sticker

The councillor calls the sticker "ignorant" in a candid Facebook post.


“If you cannot read this in English or will not speak English, get out of the country.”

It's the kind of bumper sticker that might make you cringe if you were stuck behind it in traffic.

Sent to Winnipeg councillor Matt Allard, the photo was supposedly taken in the city’s St. Boniface neighbourhood, one of the largest French-speaking enclaves outside of Quebec.

The  councillor took to Facebook to express his anger and sadness at the image with a candid message to the driver.

“At first seeing this image, I was outraged, and didn’t even know how to begin describing all the things that are wrong with the message on this truck,” he posted.

“It made me sad to see this person use the Canadian Military to support his message of exclusion,” he added. Allard is the Military and Veterans Affairs representative for the City of Winnipeg.

He goes on to describe his reverence for the Royal 22nd Regiment of the Canadian Army , a.k.a. The Vandoos, a Quebec-based regiment that is almost entirely franchophone. The unit “has defended Canada abroad for over 100 years,” he posted.

“Some of those francophone veterans and active service personnel live right here in St. Boniface. Imagine how one of them might have felt to see this truck driving through their community.”

Allard concludes his post with a message for the driver.

“I hope the owner of this truck sees this message, and I hope they remember that this is a bilingual country, that the Canadian armed forces are a bilingual institution, and that sowing division and disrespect in society is not a not a military value, and most certainly not a Canadian value.”

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