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Winnipeg restaurant server breaks down after receiving $1,000 tip

The bill was $87.15. The tip? A cool grand.

Facebook/Jennifer Peitsch

A Winnipeg restaurant server got the surprise of a lifetime on Saturday when one customer decided to pay it forward with a $1,000 tip.

Jennifer Peitsch was working a shift at Mongo’s Grill on Regent Ave. when a customer decided she’d add a few zeroes to the hard working employee's payday.

Peitsch posted a photo of the bill on social media. The pre-gratuity total was $87.15.

The hard working server, who tends a food store in Stonewall by day while working at Mongo’s by night, wasn’t even supposed to be in that night. According to CBC, Peitsch was filling in for a co-worker.

Peitsch said she was serving a woman and three teenagers on a busy night when it happened. She burst into tears and hugged the woman when she saw the tip.

Facebook/Jennifer Peitsch

She graduated high school two years ago, and has been trying to save enough money for more education and to pay off credit card debt.

“Now that I have that [credit card] taken care of I can finally put money aside and get my future going," Peitsch told the CBC’s Up To Speed.  

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