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Mom wanted for allegedly abducting baby in Manitoba found safe, police say

Police said they had spoken with her by phone and she told them that she and the 18-month-old girl were well, although she wouldn't meet with them.

SELKIRK, Man. — Mounties in Manitoba say a mother and baby missing since earlier this week have been found safe.

RCMP in Selkirk issued calls for assistance in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta after they said Rebecca Mikolash and her child, Seaira Neveah Hunter, missed a scheduled visit with the child's father on Wednesday.

Police said they had spoken with her by phone and she told them that she and the 18-month-old girl were well, although she wouldn't meet with them.

RCMP said Friday morning in a news release that both had been located, although it didn't say where they were found.

Authorities said they didn't issue an Amber Alert because there was no indication the child was in imminent danger.

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