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Peg City Car Co-op targeting developers, building partnerships

Car share operations manager says company had some success helping developers attain parking variances to get projects off the ground.

Peg City says car-share vehicles can reduce parking needs for new developments by as many as 13 spaces.


Peg City says car-share vehicles can reduce parking needs for new developments by as many as 13 spaces.

For all the talk in city hall about infill and parking requirements, car-sharing is seldom brought up as a solution to common problems.

It’s a relatively recent development in the transportation sector, but the local pioneers of the mode, Peg City Car Co-Op, is gearing up to help more developers take advantage of, well, all the advantages they offer. 

“Car sharing is part of designing a fuller transportation ecosystem,” said operations manager Philip Mikulec. “We’re here to fill in the gaps.”

One way to fill in the gaps is “reducing parking requirements.” 

Fresh off a Sprit of Winnipeg technology award win Friday night, Mikulec said Peg City is focussed on “building relationships” in that vein to grow in 2017.

“We’re really excited about one new partnership feeding into the bigger picture of development … with the Old Grace Housing Co-operative,” Mikulec said. “We’ve entered into an agreement with them to help them with parking requirements.” 

By various calculations, Mikulec believes one car share vehicle has the potential to reduce parking needs by as many as 13 vehicles. 

“That’s a method developers can take to the city,” he said, noting the Peg City has been in “preliminary” talks with a few developers in various planning stages, “talking about variances” that could help them circumvent minimum parking stall counts. 

“Developers in the core are listening and interested, so we want to get that out there even more … (car-sharing) can also help with infill development, increasing density, it helps developers get projects off the ground and actualized,” Mikulec said. 

At the end of 2016, Peg City had 22 cars around Winnipeg. The company is up to 24 now, “trying to bring that up to 30 as soon as possible.” 

One of their new cars, a fully electric Nissan Leaf, comes by way of an agreement with the University of Winnipeg community renewal corporation. 

“With that we’re actually bringing a level-3 charging station … that’s a big deal for us, seeing if we can move towards electric cars and building partnerships,” Mikulek said. 

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