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Supporters and opponents of anti-Islamophobia motion clash in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — There were pushes and punches as two groups clashed in Winnipeg over a federal motion calling for Ottawa to condemn Islamophobia.

At Winnipeg City Hall on Sunday, men wearing jackets bearing the patch of the group Soldiers of Odin Canada protested the motion before Parliament.

Soldiers of Odin is the name of a group founded in Finland in 2015, which has conducted street patrols it says protects residents from a perceived threat posed by migrants.

A counter-protest in support of the motion was also there, and CTV Winnipeg reports there was some physical confrontation between some people.

Police followed the two groups for about an hour as they marched and shouted but police say no one hurt or arrested. 

The motion asks the government to study how systemic racism and Islamophobia could be eliminated or reduced and will be debated a second time in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

(CTV Winnipeg)

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