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Furnace fraud: Winnipeg police warn about home inspection scammers

City homeowners have complained about "aggressive and potentially fraudulent" sales people knocking on their doors.

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As the weather heats up, so too are complaints about "potentially fraudulent" furnace inspections.

Numerous homeowners have called police about aggressive sales people making "cold-calls to random residences," Winnipeg police said in a news release Friday.

The incidents have involved one or two individuals (men and women), who may be in uniform, with corporate logos and business IDs.

"The concern is that these individuals are attempting to gain access to the residence by stating that they are performing furnace inspections, or asking to check the operating status of the homeowner’s heating system," police said.

"Neither private companies, nor their employees, have any legal authority to enter a home to perform furnace inspections. These individuals are sales people whose ultimate goal is to entice residents to make purchases of home heating products."

Manitoba Hydro staff go door-to-door on occasion and carry ID with their name and photo. Hydro employees won't pressure homeowners to come inside for inspections however, police said.

For those witnessing someone suspicious trying to enter homes, police said to call their non-emergency line at 204-986-6222.

More information about possible Hydro frauds is available here. 

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