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Commute-share app could fill gap left by Selkirk bus line

The Green Action Centre is working on a commute-sharing app some Selkirk residents hope can help replace a soon-to-be-defunct bus line into Winnipeg.

A GoManitoba app and website will allow users to be paired with people commuting from the same area to carpool together.

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A GoManitoba app and website will allow users to be paired with people commuting from the same area to carpool together.

Alissa Haley has all her credits lined up to finish her final year of university in the fall—but she needs a lift.  

The upcoming cancellation of Exclusive Bus Lines’ Selkirk-Winnipeg route means Haley, who lives in Selkirk, might not be able to attend her classes at the University of Winnipeg. 

“I even went so far as to price out taxi rides—definitely not possible, price-wise,” Haley said.

The 21-year-old student says she is a weak driver who doesn’t feel comfortable, or safe, driving alone into the city.  

In the summer, Haley arranges to carpool to Winnipeg with friends or family, but it isn’t always possible during the school year.

The Selkirk-Winnipeg bus line will stop service September 2.

“That’s definitely on our radar,” said Mel Marginet of the Green Action Centre (GAC).

The environmental non-profit is working on a commute-sharing website and app called GoManitoba — a province-wide platform for those looking for environmentally-friendly transportation.

By connecting individuals or workplaces, GoManitoba was formed to help people facilitate carpools, link commuters with bike and walk mentors and provide transit routes.

The service is available for registration now, with a hard launch slated for the fall.

Marginet says GAC is working with the Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region to reach out to businesses and communities outside the city with its own sub-site, which will include businesses and individuals in the region. A sub-site has the ability to give users access to other people who are using it.

The Capital Region includes Selkirk, Stonewall, and a host of rural municipalities.

“But the trick with a website like this, and a platform like this, is that you do need a user-base to find those first matches,” Marginet said.

“So our first priority is getting the user-base up to use it, so people have a higher percentage to make matches.”

GoManitoba already has a number of founding partners on board, one being the University of Winnipeg, plus, the University of Manitoba, Red River College, The Forks, Health Sciences Centre, Assiniboine Credit Union and Investors Group.

Signing up is free for individuals, though there are applicable fees for workplaces, depending on the size of the organization. 

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