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Rainy weather throws wet blanket on Canada Games

Rain caused cancellations for Canada Games canoe-kayak and tennis, and delays for golf.

The Canada Games canoe-kayak event was delayed on Wednesday due to rain in Winnipeg.

Ian McCausland / 2017 Canada Games

The Canada Games canoe-kayak event was delayed on Wednesday due to rain in Winnipeg.

The "hottest summer in half a century" took a turn on Wednesday, as showers came down across Winnipeg.

Rain postponed the canoe-kayak and tennis events at the Canada Games, along with golf delays, but all other sports were underway, said Janet McMahon, director of sport and venues with the organization.

Tennis and canoe-kayak are expected to resume Thursday, including the medal ceremonies, while golf was delayed four hours.

“The big thing with weather delays, for us, is the big impact across the footprint,” McMahon said.

“Things like bus transportation, the athlete feeding, the volunteers that we require onsite were supposed to be there today, but have to come back tomorrow.”

Fans who bought tickets to events also have to change their schedules to accommodate the delays.

Those logistical issues were most prominent in the canoe-kayak event, which, unlike tennis, wasn’t stalled due to safety concerns.

“We had problems with the finish camera. Because of the way the rain was running into the camera, they couldn’t get a clear picture of the finish line,” McMahon said.

If the rain continues for several days it could cause “significant complications” with finishing all the gold medal rounds — in that event, most of the sports would have shorter games, go late into the evening or start early in the morning.

But that’s not likely to happen, McMahon said.

“We’ve been lucky so far. The weather has been just terrific, and the forecast for the rest of the week looks awesome. Just to have this one day, I think we’ll fully recover from the weather delays.”

According to Environment Canada, sunshine and temperatures ranging in the high-20s are in the forecast for the rest of the week. Looks like the Canada Games will once again live up to its tagline as the "hottest summer in half a century."

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