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St. Boniface Hospital tells union more health cuts coming in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — More health care positions could be on the chopping block in Winnipeg.

St. Boniface Hospital has informed the union representing hundreds of health care aides and administrative clerks that some of their jobs could be axed.

The departments impacted include emergency, medicine, and palliative care.

CTV News says a memo to the United Food and Commercial Workers says a maximum of 215 equivalent full-time health care aides and 75 equivalent full-time clerks could experience changes.

Another 49 positions could also be impacted with reorganizations and closures to the hospital’s geriatric and transitional care units.

The letter says no changes will be made until at least Dec. 1.

The health authority says attempts will be made to find jobs for staff impacted by the moves.

"We understand change is hard and times of uncertainty are harder, we are working really hard with their union to minimize the impact and come out with everyone having a position," said Karlee Blatz from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

As part of the Pallister government’s overhaul of the health care system, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority was mandated to find $83 million in savings.

“Our members on the frontline, patients and their loved ones are concerned with the uncertainty of upcoming changes in our healthcare system," said UFCW president Jeff Traeger.

"We think it’s unfortunate that the government is pressuring the WRHA so hard to push so many changes through so quickly. These changes are causing unnecessary anxiety and stress on those providing and those receiving care within our health care system."

(CTV Winnipeg)


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