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Winnipeg to shed Handi-Transit name from accessible buses

The current name and logo for Handi-Transit was adopted in 1977.



The City of Winnipeg is looking to leave the moniker of its accessible transit service in the rearview.

In a public statement released Thursday, the city invited residents to vote on a "more inclusive name" for Handi-Transit.

"Since the current name and logo for Handi-Transit was adopted in 1977, there have been many changes in our understanding of disaibility issues and the language used to describe persons with disabilities," the statement said, adding a name change would better align with the new Accessibility for Manitobans Act, which calls for "inclusive language when referencing services for the community."

After consulting key stakeholders for a new name, Handi-Transit passed suggestions on to the city's policy advisory committee, which narrowed it down to just three for Winnipeggers to vote on: Winnipeg Transit Plus, Winnipeg Transit Connect, and Winnipeg Transit Link.

Voting is open until Tuesday, Nov. 21.

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