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Employee rewarded with new car for hard work

A dedicated employee at a small Delray Beach, Fla. company is so valued that his bosses honoured him on his birthday last week with a new $30,000 Ford Escape SUV.

A local TV station reported the news and was there to record his emotions when he was given the keys to the new car.

The company also produced its own video of the event.

Christopher Ninos, who turned 52, has been an employee for BMI Elite, a digital advertising agency that has more than 50 employees.

The chief financial officer is the first one to show up for work at 6 a.m. and the last one to leave at 9 p.m., his bosses say.

He will also call at 5 a.m. on his days off to check in at the office.

A shocked and embarrassed Ninos could barely speak at the celebration.

“This is completely out of left field. I did not expect this,” he said at the presentation.

He was driving a 1998 green Ford Escort for more than 10 years and it had been giving him a lot of trouble.

CEO Brandon Rosen and president Dan Lansman came up with the idea a few days before Ninos’ birthday.

On the special day, Ninos was told by co-workers that they were taking him out to lunch to celebrate his birthday.

They said they needed to make a stop at the Maroone Ford dealership, and when they arrived at the showroom, Ninos was surprised with a new 2013 Ford Escape filled with balloons and 200 people yelling “surprise.”

The company, which has been around for three years, takes pride in giving back, the bosses say, by arranging events for employees like bowling tournaments and company lunches and happy hours.

Next week, the company is taking its employees, significant others and children on a four-day cruise to the Bahamas.

“Our phones haven’t stopped ringing,” Rosen, 28, told the Toronto Star about the giveaway.

“I’m a firm believer in being there for our employees, both financially and emotionally.”

Already, Rosen said, he is getting emails from around the world and resumes are piling up.

It’s good timing because the company is expanding.

The company will be moving into a new office with 22,000 square feet of space next month and he expects to hire 80 to 100 employees over the next two years.

Ninos wasn’t available to talk on the phone.

He was very busy catching up on work, Rosen said, because he missed four hours last week at the car presentation ceremony.

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