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iPhone thief sends photo of self to owner of phone

It’s a cool app that may catch a sticky-fingered iPhone thief in Britain.

A woman is wanted for questioning after she unwittingly took a picture of herself with a stolen iPhone.

Police in Sussex have released a photo of the woman.

They aren’t calling her a culprit yet.

“We don't know that the woman is the person who stole the camera, but she obviously has had some connection with it in the meantime and I'd like to speak to her about it,” said Sussex officer Gavin Crute in a news release.

The phone had been stolen from the Coalition nightclub in Brighton, East Sussex earlier this month.

The photo was taken from a different location.

The owner had an app installed that takes a picture of anyone trying to unlock the phone and then sends the information back to them via email.

The app, identified by some media outlets to be IGotYa, is not available from the official Apple store.

The photograph is activated when a wrong password is entered on the keypad.

Crute said that not only does the app photograph someone trying to unlock the phone, but it maps their location.

“We know where and when the photo was taken and it appears to be in a vehicle with quite a large sunroof,” Crute said.

Apple has a free app called Find my iPhone, which shows a stolen phone’s approximate location.

It does not, however, take a picture.

A similar story happened in New York last year, when a Queens woman was robbed while walking along a street.

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