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Seattle woman to eat only at Starbucks for one year

A Seattle woman is pledging to spend the next year eating only at Starbucks.

Her name is Beautiful Existence.

She told Torstar News Service that she legally changed her name during a self-reflective period following a difficult divorce years ago.

She wouldn’t reveal her previous name or give out her age.

However, she is documenting her experience on her WordPress blog.

“I’ve actually lost weight in the first two weeks,” says Existence, who once worked as a project manager for non-profit organizations in the Seattle area.

The mother of two is now a volunteer for some non-profit groups, helping design their social media strategies.

Existence says she is not being paid by Starbucks to do this.

She’s doing this, she says, to showcase how different companies, such as Starbucks, are involved in their communities.

With Starbucks, she salutes the company because it pays good benefits to part-time workers, Existence says.

“I’ve learned very quickly that people are extremely passionate about Starbucks one way or another. It’s been very interesting already.”

Existence said she will also take advantage of the fact that Starbucks has also purchased two concept stores in Evolution Fresh and Tazo Tea.

She may start her day with an orange juice and then take away a turkey and cheese sandwich. Other items she likes are the packaged fruits and nuts and salads.

Existence is trying hard to stay away from the baked goods, but admits she’s had at least one “oops moment” when she took a couple of bites of Starbucks’ caramel macchiato ice cream.

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