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Tonik, dog with human face, gets adoption offers

Tonik, a dog with a human face is up for adoption.

The 2-year-old Poodle/Shih Tzu Mix became an internet sensation after his picture was picked up by media across the world, all remarking on his remarkable human-like qualities.

It’s been all a little strange for Jen Schwartz, the founder and owner of the Homeward Bound Animal Shelter based in Indiana, where Tonik has lived since 2011.

“His pictures have been up on the adoption site since September 2011,” said Schwartz. “For some reason, someone decided this week that he looks like a human and it’s been overwhelming since,” she said. In addition to dealing with media calls from all over the world, she has also received messages from people accusing her of Photoshopping the picture.

She admits that the publicity has helped somewhat — bringing in $500 in donations, and over 500 adoption offers for Tonik. But it has been a challenge for the volunteer based organization to sort through them all.

She says some applicants have said they want him because he is so cute, while others claim to have lost him years ago. “Some of them, you just have to laugh,” she said. “There are probably six that stand out to me that seem very sincere.”

The problem now is there is only one of Tonik to go around. This is why Schwartz has sent many of those who have inquired about Tonik an email about the other 130 dogs at the shelter.

“He is rather timid and very shy. He’s a great dog, but we have other pets who are housebroken and much more friendly,” she said.

On his online profile, Tonik is described as a “sweet boy” who arrived at the home from a shelter in Kentucky. “He is great with other dogs. He is not dangerous, but should not be placed with young children because he will get too overwhelmed.”

Schwartz said the shelter is open to adoption offers from Canadians, as long as they are willing to travel to pick up the dog.

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