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The $27,000 flight: YouTuber documents first class on Emirates

Filmmaker Casey Neistat was upgraded from business to first class for his flight from Dubai to New York. He took his camera in to take a look at how the other half lives.

Casey Neistat and his complimentary PJs.


Casey Neistat and his complimentary PJs.

While most of us struggle on flights, hashing out our own tiny bit of personal space, whether it be an armrest or praying for an empty seat in our row, there are the elite few where flying is a spa-like voyage.

YouTuber Casey Neistat was "The Chosen One" on a Dubai flight to New York when his business seat was upgraded to first-class accommodations on an Emirates flight.

Of course, as vloggers do, he documented his experience in a YouTube video, cataloging everything from the extensive bar list to the complimentary pajamas and slippers.

The most arguably luxurious addition to the flight? It's not the doors that give you that coveted, afformentioned personal space but the turn down service.

Yes, Emirates Airlines will apparently make you your own bed for a comfortable in-flight snooze.

It's all included in the ticket, which Neistat in the video searched as being worth $21,000 USD — more than $27,000 Canadian.

Neistat said it was one of the "best days" of his life, and we can see why.