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Video: Does this giant chicken ruffle your feathers?

Footage of the monstrous bird freaks out the masses on social media, but there must be a rational reason for the chicken's unbelievable size — right?

Are you prepared to meet 'The King of all Poultry'?

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Are you prepared to meet 'The King of all Poultry'?

The grainy clip begins innocuously enough. A chicken’s head emerges from the side of a coop. Then it emerges some more. Then, the rest of it pops out. When we see its entire body, it's hard to believe that this monstrosity is a standard domestic farm-raised chicken.

Just like our reaction, the general consensus online from others has been of fear, disbelief and all-out denial this 'giant chicken' could exist.

The video first ruffled feathers when Twitter user @LifesBook_Ceo posted it. Originally, it came from a Facebook group devoted to large breeds of poultry.

Many online are speculating that it's fake news. Perhaps it’s a viral stunt using forced perspective, like in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, or simply a child in a chicken costume.

The truth is, chickens really can grow to a massive size.

Don’t worry – this isn’t a case of genetically-modified livestock run amok.

While chickens that end up in a six-piece McNugget meal do grow at a staggering rate- 300% faster than those in 1960- it’s likely that this bird is actually a hardy, cold-weather breed known as a Brahma chicken.

According to Livestock Conservancy, the Brahma chicken is known as the “King of All Poultry” for a reason.

While the average size of a Brahma hen is about ten pounds, there have been records of roosters growing to nearly 20 – close to the average weight of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Many Twitter users have zeroed in on the odd-looking feet. Known for being superb winter egg-layers, the large, fluffy feet help the Brahma chicken stay warm in chillier climates. In fact, farmers are warned to keep brood hens from trampling newly-hatched chicks for the first few days after hatching.

So don't be such a chicken. Brahmas are known for being docile, so you won’t be seeing Big Bird rampaging through the streets anytime soon.

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