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Australian police: Teen from Guinea held captive and raped

SYDNEY, Australia — A teenage girl from West Africa told police she was flown to Australia by a man who held her against her will in a house where she was sexually assaulted by several men, police said Friday.

The 17-year-old, from Guinea, told police she met a man in her home country in January who offered to bring her to Australia to work as a cleaner. In April, she travelled to Sydney with the man, who then drove her to a house where she was held captive and sexually assaulted by several men, the Australian Federal Police said.

In late April, the girl managed to escape and was picked up by a woman who drove her to a centre for asylum seekers.

On Friday, police went public with the case in an attempt to track down the woman who found the girl after her escape.

New South Wales Police Acting Superintendent Mick Haddow said police were still trying to figure out where the girl was held, who had held her captive and whether she had any family in Australia.

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