Fur flying amongst Halifax Mooseheads looking to land the coat

Stefan Fournier isn’t only in it for a President’s Cup or a Memorial Cup.

Three games into the playoffs the Halifax Mooseheads’ six-foot-three, 210-pound co-captain is also driven by an alluring, shining fur coat.

It’s near impossible to blame him.

After an all out two-point effort in Game 3 against the Saint John Sea Dogs on Tuesday night, there he was sweat glazed but joyous, donning that coat.

“Look how shiny it is,” said a beaming Fournier. “The buttons are so shiny too.”

Sure the sleeves were a few inches short and it was fashioned many moons ago with a lady in mind, but the young man looked dashing, frankly.

He knew it. His teammates, who gathered close for an awe inspired glimpse, knew it too.

“I look good, look at me!” said Fournier.

There’s a reason why the Mooseheads have set a franchise record in regular season wins this year, are the Canadian Hockey League’s top ranked team and boast arguably the two top players in the Q.

The truth lays with their bench boss Dominique Ducharme and his coaching staff. No one motivates better.

Ducharme and Co. knew the prospect of a President’s Cup, or for that matter, Memorial Cup glory simply wasn’t enough to motivate the troops.

In came the fur monster for Game 1 of the playoffs.

But not just anyone can wear it. Only the player of the game judged by the coaching staff gets that privilege.

So, is it just a coincidence that the Mooseheads have outscored the Sea Dogs 19-3 in three games?

Or that Marty Frk, who got first crack at the coat, set a record-setting five goals and three assists in Game 1?

It certainly wasn’t for Brent Andrews, Game 2’s recipient. After playing one of his best games of the year, scoring the game-tying goal, on a short-handed effort no less, he had no qualms expressing his love for the coat.

“It’s like a beautiful woman, you never want to let it go,” he said.

In fact he had every intention Tuesday night of fighting Fournier for it.

Andrews also had every intention of donning the elegant, flowing garment the right way after Game 4 on Wednesday night.

“I miss the smell; it’s awesome.”

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