Blue Jays star Josh Donaldson changes look after run-in with beard-trimmer

TORONTO — Josh Donaldson is no stranger to mixing it up when it comes to hairstyles but the Blue Jays third baseman says his new clean-shaven look is more accident than fashion statement.

Was the clean look a bid to change fortunes on the baseball diamond, he was asked?

"Actually, no. I got a new beard trimmer the other day and I went to trim my beard down a little bit and whenever I trimmed it I kind of nicked it, so I had to go with it, just had to shave everything off," he said.

Donaldson repeated that the new look had nothing to do with luck.

"I kind of believe you make your own luck, and you go out there and you create your own destiny."

Whatever it was it worked. A smooth-faced Donaldson homered in Toronto's 5-1 win over Cleveland on Tuesday, staving off playoff elimination in the American League Championship Series.



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