Toronto's Irish pride high as Conor McGregor faces Floyd Mayweather

The city's community are confident in their countryman.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor during last month’s stop at Budweiser Stage.

Christopher Katsarov / The Canadian Press

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor during last month’s stop at Budweiser Stage.

Irish brothers Dan and Jimmy Good have never showcased any fighting matches at their west end pub, The Hideout. But this Saturday is different.

"We're certainly going to put this one up," said Dan of the cross-disciplinary fight between all-time great boxer Floyd Mayweather and UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. "We had a pretty good response from our locals and regulars when we tried to promote this event, and we do think an awful lot of people will show up to watch."

The rock ‘n’ roll bar at College and Bathurst has a seating capacity of 330 and by Thursday they said they'd already sold more than half of their tickets for Saturday.

Dan said he and his brother used to go to boxing matches as kids, but have been drawn to the UFC fandom mainly due to the popularity of Dublin's McGregor. The two even attended last month's trash-talk filled news conference between McGregor and Mayweather in Toronto as part of the buildup to the fight.

"I think Mayweather has a big advantage of course, but we're gamblers and we got good odds," said Dan. "McGregor probably won't win it on points ... I think he's going to have to knock Floyd out to win this thing."

Added Shane Rice, another Toronto Irishman and UFC enthusiast eagerly awaiting Saturday's clash: "I'm a proud Irishman looking forward to seeing McGregor do the business! Conor came from hard work, working up the ladder with victories, and that is why he is so likeable."

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