Curling is cool, fool! Mr. T still tweeting about throwing rocks

GANGNEUNG, Korea, Republic Of — Mr. T's love affair with curling continues to grow.

The "Rocky III" and "A-Team" actor has become an unlikely social media Olympic commentator with curling often the subject of recent tweets. He sums up his new-found affection for the sport with the hashtag #curlingiscoolfool and has kept tweeting.

After reporting Canada's win over Switzerland in Tuesday's mixed doubles final, Mr. T continued his curling contemplation.

"Like I said before, Curling is not as easy as it looks. I must be honest with you. That little broom reminds me of my Swiffer Sweeper! I’m just saying...," he tweeted. 

"Anyways, I see curling as a finesse sport, more straight and controlled strength. Not brute strength, like when I was a bouncer, oh no!" he added. 

"I like curling, it’s less wear and tear on the body. I wrestled, boxed, and studied martial arts. I have nothing else to prove. Therefore I choose curling."

The curling charm offensive seems to be working for the 65-year-old, who was born Lawrence Tureaud. His Twitter followers had risen by 8,000 to 211,000 since Monday's mixed doubles curling semifinal.




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