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Canucks fan casually wins new car with miraculous centre-ice shot

Teams often give fans the opportunity to win a great prize by completing a near-impossible challenge. They rarely win, but this Vancouver Canucks fan beat the odds.

A Vancouver Canucks fan won a new car at Wednesday night's game.

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A Vancouver Canucks fan won a new car at Wednesday night's game.

The Vancouver Canucks lost 7-1 to the Nashville Predators on Wednesday night, but fans at Rogers Arena were still treated to a world-class performance from one of their own.

Enter Aaron. The surprisingly calm, seemingly unimpressed fan who took home a brand new car at last night's game.

How'd he do it? He made an impossible shot.

"Dude. Oh my God... I am speechless."

Even the Canucks' on-ice host couldn't find words. In fact, she seemed more excited than the man who just won a brand new Toyota.

The moment could not have been more dramatic. With his team down 4-1 after two periods, Aaron had a chance to revive the crowd. And it came down to the final shot.

If anyone could get away with an obnoxious celebration, this was the time to do it.

But as the crowd gave him a standing ovation, Aaron hardly seemed to care.

So, what were the wise words of the winner?

"It'll be a long drive home, but it'll be worth it."

The Predators would have to agree.

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